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Applications for Undergraduate Programs at Ibn Haldun University are open once in a year between May-July. Applications are submitted online via our Online Application System and all required documents should be uploaded online. International students can apply to our undergraduate programs by filling the form on the application page below. Before applying please read carefully the below guidance.


Required Documents


 Application Form   (Mandatory)
Sections of the application form marked as mandatory should not be left blank. After you submit your application form successfully, you will receive a notification email. If you do not receive such an email, then your application is not sent. After submitting your application, you will not be able to make any changes. Please fill the form carefully and correctly.
 High School Certificate   (Mandatory)
You should submit scanned copy (soft copy) of your high school certificate. If you do not have your certificate, please submit an Interim Certificate of Graduation.
 Interim Certificate of   Graduation
Applicants who do not have their high school certificate, or have not graduated yet, should submit an Interim Certificate of Graduation or an official document indicating that the applicant is eligible to graduate by the end of academic year.
 Transcript (Mandatory)
Applicants should submit their transcripts with all grades received throughout the high school education, or mark sheet with graduating exam results.
 Letter of Intent / Motivation   Letter (Mandatory)
Applicants should submit one letter of intent for each program they apply for. Applicants are expected to state their purpose of enrolling in Ibn Haldun University, the reason for selecting the program they opted for, the importance of the program and their plans after graduation, etc.
 Reference Letter (Mandatory)
The reference Letter should be (preferably) written by a high school teacher, or someone who has known the applicant well enough to judge him academically. The letter should be written in Turkish or English, or translated into these languages.
 English Language Proficiency Exam   Result (Mandatory)
As the language of instruction is English in our university, the student must have English language proficiency certificate. The English language certificates and scores accepted by the University are as follows:
* E-YDS/YDS/YÖKDİL= minimum 90
* TOEFL-IBT= minimum 80
* PTE ACADEMIC= minimum 60
* CPE= minimum C
* CAE= minimum C
* FCE= minimum B
Students who do not hold any of those language exams can sit for Pearson Versant Placement Test on campus or online, and should score minimum 55 out of 70 points. Pearson Versant Placement Test is only to determine the candidates’ English language level. The students pass this test have to sit for PTE ACADEMIC. The exam fee is 150 TL. Please check the link below for further information:(
 International Examinations   (If Available)
International Examinations are not mandatory, but advantageous for their holders.  Please check the link below to find information about regarding examinations and minimum scores. 
 National Examinations (If   Available)
Applicants are advised to upload their Matriculation Certificate provided by the national authorities of their country, if available.
 Passport (Mandatory)
Scanned copies of the first page and information page (where the validity is indicated) of the passport should be submitted. If the applicant does not hold any passport, they can submit a national identity card of their country.
 Picture (Mandatory)
Picture should show the candidate’s face clearly.
 Foreign Language Proficiency Exam   Results (If Available)
If the applicant is proficient in foreign languages, they are expected to upload their certificates here.
 Other Documents (If   Available)
Applicants may submit certificates of awards received, courses or seminars attended, or any document indicating an achievement.


Important Things to Consider During Online Application

  • Once you create an account, you can log in and log out with your e-mail and password. Required information must be submitted accurately. Wrong or false information and documents will render your application invalid.
  • Please fill up the application form step by step. You will not be able to skip to the next step unless you have entered all mandatory information.
  • Once you submit your application, you will NOT be able to make any changes. Please submit your application carefully. If you need any help, please contact
  • All documents, except the photos, should be submitted in PDF format. Other file types will not be accepted by system.
  • Documents which are not in English or Turkish should be translated and notarized.
  • Do not upload any other documents apart from the documents required.
  • After submitting the application form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If the email is not received, then your application is not completed.
  • Please make sure you have hard copies of all the original documents required above on the day of registration.


Application Calendar

The admission plan for the 2019-2020 academic year at Ibn Haldun University is as following:

Undergraduate Admission Calendar 

 Start of online application  May 6, 2019
 End of online application  July 20, 2019
 English Placement Tests  June 13 – 14, 2019

July 18 – 19, 2019

 Official Registration  September 09 – 13, 2019

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